Can you give me information on these drugs?

Answer…"Orphenadrine is a muscle relaxant""Prednisone prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation.... Read More »

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What household drugs can i give a dog?

When financial problems strike, dog owners may often feel compelled to try to treat their dogs at home by using household medications. While there are over-the-counter medications that can be used ... Read More »

If you do drugs while you are pregnant how long will the drugs stay in the baby's system?

Remember, the fetus is still developing in the womb. What it experiences there it "perceives" as being normal, so if there are drugs in the woman's body, the baby will be born with its brain "wired... Read More »

Can you give me information please?

If there was such an accident, they will not publish details like that until the next of kin have been informed, and for sure not on the Internet. If you are a friend or relative, I suggest you goo... Read More »

Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?

only if you let it. one drink doesnt make you an alcoholic, and one spliff doesnt make you a junkie in waiting, but some folks have an addictive nature, be it lines of coke, tins of tennants super,... Read More »