Hi anyone can give me some good information my husband is 38 yr Old?

Answer It sounds like low blood sugar, he should be tested by your doctor;

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What i give my husband birthday gift?

Hy,Think about his liking and plan accordingly. He must be having few wishes to be fulfilled or something which he wanted to do since long time (like going out, watching some nice movie, buying som... Read More »

How to Give Time for Your Husband and Kids?

1. make sure that once a week your family have a time together.2. prepare all the things their needs for Monday to Friday. 3. always give them a hug, kiss, and love. 4. make their foods so exciting... Read More »

How can you get your son's father to give up his parental right so your husband can adopt him?

Answer I would offer a stoppage in Child support. Still let him be able to see the kid from time to time. That is a fathers worse nightmare. He already has no influence in his sons lfe...he just do... Read More »

Can you give one word for 'to give opinion'?