Braces please help (please give advice)?

Answer I am an Orthodontist (no I am not pulling a fast one and you can quiz me all you want). The most common reason for brown stains (pigmentation) around the brackets is the food you are consuming or h... Read More »

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Will you please give me an advice?

We have the exact same problem lol. I cant help myself. I carry around my ipod touch to use our internet and a day without internet, i go nuts. I suggest that you find a different hobby like photog... Read More »

Please give me some advice im in pain?

Your wisdom teeth could be crowding the rest of your teeth, making them move slightly in your jaw. That would cause them to hurt (much like getting braces on your teeth). You better call your de... Read More »

Please Give Me Some Advice About Driving?

I'd say just do the 6 hr. course. I know it can be very scary when you have never driven before, but believe me, you WILL learn and you will eventually be comfortable driving. To me it was like le... Read More »

Can someone please give me advice on how to stop smoking?

-i'm very glad to hear that you want to quit. i wish my mom would quit.....but anyways, congrats on the first might not be a religious person, but have a word of prayer with God... Read More »