Can you give me a sentence for the word lounge?

Answer Contrary to popular belief, setting off a stink bomb in the teacher's lounge did not turn out to be a good idea.

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Can you end a sentence with the word"is"in APA format?

Ending a sentence with the word "is" is appropriate in the APA style. This is true because "is" is a verb, not a preposition. Prepositional phrases - while not forbidden by APA standards - should b... Read More »

Use a sentence with the word abode?

Abode means a dwelling place, or to dwell. Here are some sentences. Her abode was in the midwest.They abode at that address for twenty years.I love my new abode.

What is a sentence with the word lounge?

"Andrea liked that the new house contained a lounge, because her old house didn't.""On Saturdays, Sophie liked to lounge around, doing nothing.""The Patel waited in the departure lounge before catc... Read More »

A sentence with the word Esprit de corps?

The Battalion was very motivated, and showed a high level of cohesion and esprit de corps.