Can you give me a recipe for macaroni-cheese with mushroom and chicken?

Answer - 1 package mac n cheese, cook mac according to instructions and drainBlend in:- 1/4 stick butter- 1 can cream mushroom soup, undiluted- 2 cans mushrooms and stems, diced- 4 cups diced cooked chick... Read More »

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Anyone have a baked macaroni&cheese recipe that doesn't use eggs or flour?

Sure. You can use cornstarch or arrowroot to make your roux. And there are never eggs in mac and cheese that I have ever heard of. Are you making it with rice pasta for gluten free people? If you h... Read More »

Recipe for chicken, egg, italian bread crumbs, chicken broth, mushrooms, shredded cheese?

sounds like a good recipe but things i would do different is use larger pieces of chicken, make a sauce with the chicken broth, use swiss cheese then top each piece of chicken with a thin slice of ... Read More »

Can you plz give me a good recipe for a cheese cake that u have already tried?

Here's how I make cheesecake. I go to the store and buy a pie crust (vanilla wafer, graham cracker or chocolate cookie), and a container of Philly cream cheesecake mix, and a can of pie filling (I... Read More »

Does extra sharp cheese make a good baked macaroni&cheese?

On One Hand: Tasters Prefer Extra Sharp CheddarIn general, sharp cheddar cheese works for tastier macaroni and cheese, and for any cheese dish--it's a more flavorful cheese. According to a 2002 stu... Read More »