Who wrote the quote"Live life to the fullest"?

Answer According to Patty Crow's book, "Quotes on the Beauty of Aging: Mankind's Wisdom on Aging from Diogenes to Dylan," the quote "Live life to the fullest" was originally from author Ernest Hemingway.S... Read More »

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Do reptiles give live birth?

While most reptiles lay eggs, there are some which give live birth. Reptiles that give birth to live young include species of vipers and boas, as well as some chameleons and skinks. These live-bear... Read More »

Can you give birth without anesthetics and live?

Yes, it has been done for millions of years. I wouldn't recommend a c section without anesthesia, though.

Does yogurt with live cultures give you gas?

On One Hand: Yogurt Can Cause GasEveryone has gas in their digestive system. However, some people may find certain foods or medications to cause excessive gas. These foods are not the same for ever... Read More »

Do IP addresses give information out on where you live?

They do not indicate your exact location, but websites will usually be able to determine which contry you are from.An example would be, which usually redirect its useres based on their p... Read More »