What does the proverb two captains sink the ship mean?

Answer You can only have one Captain / Master of any given vessel. If 2 "captains" are trying to hard to be in charge, they are going to do more damage than good.

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Meaning and origin of proverb Two captains sink the ship?

You cannot have two leaders in any organisation, it is a recipe for disaster

What does the vietnamese proverb 'Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet' mean?

he has his mother, momma sticky, and his sister, cookie, then (just incase you dont know) his friends wood and furrly wally

Proverb week - is it true an apple a day keeps the doctor away - if so what is in an apple?

Dear GoodYou know how this proverb came ? here it is.. a small storyAn apple seller and a doctor loved same girl. apple seller started giving an apple to the girl everyday. the Doctor asked: WHY ??... Read More »

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