Can you give me a moral reason against belly piercing?

Answer People believe they attract unwanted attention, if you show it off the wrong way can give you a bad image.Bad piercings can give you infections

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How to Visually Imitate a Belly Button Piercing Without Actual Piercing?

This is a guide on how to create the look of a belly button piercing with non-piercing body jewelery, and also, on how to make non-piercing body jewelery. This information is useful for teenagers w... Read More »

IM ONLY 13 AND I WANT A BELLY RING !!How can i convince my PARENTS to let me get belly piercing?

same with me!heres what i tried and its kinda working:- printed out pics of people with belly button rings which look nice but not slutty- i bought a belly button ring and put it on my stomach to s... Read More »

Could this be the reason Lip piercing.?

If it doesn't go away when you clean it, I'd imagine it's either a tarnish tattoo or you burst a cluster of blood vessels when self-piercing

Red pus from my belly piercing !!?

If it's white with a pinkish color in it, it may be infected or torn. You should go see your piercer as soon as possible to see what he/she says about it, and if they tell you to go see a doc, then... Read More »