To adoptee's. When you asked, why did you give me up, is any answer good enough?

Answer No. No answer is good enough.Let me explain. The me who is an adult, who approaches things intellectually as well as emotionally, the truth is good enough. For that me, my curiosity was satisfie... Read More »

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Is this laptop any good Please answer! (Ill give you 10 points)?

It's a Dell inspiron, has some nice specs on it. Yes this laptop is pretty good for it's price.

Do you no the answer to this riddle?

Answer to the riddle What does the cia use to spy on your dreams?

Mouse is on strike! How to give star,thumbs up or give 1 to 5 stars to best answer using key board?

There are probably better ways to do this but I used the "Tab" key to navigate to the right spot before hitting "enter/return" key. This is how I stared your question and navigated back to "answer ... Read More »