Can you give JUST ONE example of Wikipedia getting a fact wrong?

Answer It said that Michael Jackson got a degree at Bringum Young University for over 9 months.There is also this:Rush Limbaugh who 'hates' wikipedia was FOOLED BY IT!

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OMG! Same as you! Exact I find EVERYTHING that people find not disgusting, disgusting, except that, because I love to have orgasms no matter how disgusting =]

How can I not be so disgusting?

For acne:Wash Your face with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser then Apply CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser in the morning. At night wash your face with a paste made with baking soda & water, use witch hazel as... Read More »

Disgusting emails?

just click on the box next to them and then click on spam at the bottom of the page, it will automatically block that person from sending you anything else

Size o disgusting?

It's so stupid how women think that every bloke wants a skinny bird. It's so not true. I have mates that like thin women & mates that like bigger women. I would say about 50/50.