Question for recovering alcoholics What advice would you give someone as to what they can do daily to keep?

Answer simpleDon't Drink, Go to meetings, Read the book, Get a sponsor, Do the steps, Work with others.Page 86 of the book has a good way to start and end your day.Sober since 93

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Videographers - a rather elementary question about lavalier mics ...?

You will not want to use the same frequencies as these would interfere with each other. Other than that using multiple mics is not a problem.Confirmation of this at this link:http://proaudiomusic.... Read More »

Would you rather eat..?

Steak for sure. There's fillet mignon, t-bone, sirloin, etc.There;s a lot of different varieties of steak.

Would you rather?

Sight. I see more wonderful things than I hear these days.Rock and Roll died but pretty girls live forever

How would you rather die?

Ice and then cremate me and toss my ashes in Big Sur and sprinkle patchouli oil on top.