How to Give People Advice and Make Them Think It's Good Advice?

Answer At some point in your life, you will be confronted with a situation where someone comes to you looking for advice. If completely clueless or indifferent to the other person's emotional needs, follo... Read More »

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Will you please give me an advice?

We have the exact same problem lol. I cant help myself. I carry around my ipod touch to use our internet and a day without internet, i go nuts. I suggest that you find a different hobby like photog... Read More »

Can some one give me Ram advice?

For games, I would MAXIMIZE your RAMLook up your computer at and if you like the price, get two 512MB strips. Here are your system spec:Dell Dimension 2400 System Specs ... Read More »

How to Give Advice?

Your help is needed!Giving advice is not one of the easiest tasks. You can be put under a lot of pressure, especially if you generally (unintentionally) give bad advice. And of course, you love you... Read More »

What advice would you give?

That he'll get through it. You need to support her, and let her talk when she needs to.