Can you give blood if you have a toothache?

Answer On One Hand: Cause of ToothacheThe cause of the toothache may determine whether or not you can donate blood. An infection, abscess or dental procedure may preclude you from donating blood. Certain ... Read More »

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I have O neg blood which is considered universal donor. Should I give blood I am a terrible coward?

in my opinion you should,and it dont matter if you got O neg or not,the fact that you willingly would give something from yourself to help another,is great..:-)and about the tattoo and the wine,the... Read More »

My girlfriend keeps nagging me to give blood as I apparently have quite rare blood (AB-) Is she right to?

In britain the abundance of AB- blood is about 3% making it very rare. AB- means that you have blood type AB and are Rhesus Negative. You are known as the universal recipient - you can receive R... Read More »

How much do I have to weigh to give blood?

Can you give blood after you have gotten a tattoo?

No. People with tattoos can't donate blood