Can you give birth without anesthetics and live?

Answer Yes, it has been done for millions of years. I wouldn't recommend a c section without anesthesia, though.

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Do reptiles give live birth?

While most reptiles lay eggs, there are some which give live birth. Reptiles that give birth to live young include species of vipers and boas, as well as some chameleons and skinks. These live-bear... Read More »

Do copperhead snakes give live birth?

Unlike many snake species that hatch eggs, copperhead snakes are viviparous. This means that they give birth to live young. A female copperhead gives birth to about 10 to 12 young snakes per litter... Read More »

Do reptiles give birth to live babies?

Reptiles lay amniotic eggs--eggs which protect and nourish a fetus--with a leathery or hard outer shell and that must fertilized internally. Some rare reptiles are viviparous, meaning they will giv... Read More »

Do freshwater crawfish give live birth?

The female crawfish, also called crayfish, lay eggs which are carried on her abdomen. Females typically lay 200 to 300 eggs, but large females may lay as many as 500 eggs. Because of the attachment... Read More »