Can you give any tips on giving up smoking?

Answer Before you actually stop smoking Jazmin, think positively about the benefits, for you, your friends and family. Throw away or destroy all cigarettes and any other smoking paraphernalia. If you real... Read More »

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Giving up smoking..any tips?

I quit last December after 30 years smoking roll ups, with no patches or gum and only mild withdrawal. I used the Allen Carr method, basically he talks you out of wanting to smoke. You can get his ... Read More »

Can someone give me the best advice to giving up smoking?

There really is no one way to quit smoking. .. There are as many methods as there are smokers. ... (exaggerating a bit there). ... I have worked with many people over the years who were attempting ... Read More »

Giving up Smoking in January. Does anybody have any tips?

Yes young Miss - you're right not to try and give up cold turkey - try the 'patch' or gum as a replacement. Also analyse where and when you do have a cigarette - at home???/at work???/ At lunch???/... Read More »

Tips on giving up smoking cold turkey style?

I would wonder why you would want to give up cold-turkey, generally this implies a few months of hell while you deny yourself something, then only to risk falling right back into the trap in a few ... Read More »