Can you give a pregnant dog ibuprofen?

Answer Ibuprofen is highly toxic to dogs even in less than human-sized portions, causing ulcers, cardiac problems, seizures, tremors, stumbling around, renal failure, depression, coma and even death. Ther... Read More »

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Can You Give a Pregnant Dog an Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen poses a serious risk for stomach perforation, bleeding and kidney damage in all types of dogs, including those that are pregnant, reports the Merck Veterinary Manual. Never give a pregnan... Read More »

Is ibuprofen safe while pregnant?

no it is not safe, but you can take tylenol.

Can you take ibuprofen when pregnant?

%REPLIES%AnswerNO NO you should only take acetemenaphin ( Tylenol) when you are pregnant.√ā¬†AnswerTaking ibuprofen is not recommended if Tylenol can effictively do the job. But you can take it in th... Read More »

Why pregnant woman cant take ibuprofen?

Ask a doctor not random people in the internet who can pretend to be anyone!