Can you give a dog glucosamine?

Answer Glucosamine can be given to dogs to help reduce the effects of arthritis and other inflammatory joint problems. In fact, there are dozens of glucosamine products on the market for for dogs. Your ve... Read More »

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How much glucosamine should one give a dog?

On One Hand: Dosage is Based on WeightA good rule of thumb is to give your dog 750mg of glucosamine per 50 pounds of weight. Look for the types of glucosamine, which are sulfate, HCL or 2KCL. Many ... Read More »

How much glucosamine should you give dogs?

On One Hand: Recommended DosageRecommended dosage is 1 milligram of glucosamine per pound of dog's weight. For example, a 25-pound dog would take 25 milligrams. A 50-pound dog would take 50 milligr... Read More »

How many mgs of glucosamine should you give a 110 pound dog daily?

Glucosamine can be found in capsule, liquid, tablet and powder form. According to Mike Richards, DVM, the proper "dosage of glucosamine is 500 mg/25 lbs of body weight.". Therefore, a dog weighing ... Read More »

How do I buy Glucosamine DS?

Buying Glucosamine DSConsult your physician before purchasing any dietary supplement. Glucosamine DS, also known as Cosamin DS, is a nutritional supplement containing glucosmine, manganese and chon... Read More »