Can you give a baby whole milk at eleven months old?

Answer The reason to not give your baby cow's milk until one year of age is because the baby's digestive system is still too delicate. "Cow's milk has too much sodium, potassium and chloride," which can h... Read More »

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How much milk does a 4 months old baby require?

Alot!Duh. Do you care to search the web and not need someone to always do work for you? Like really? Do you know anything? If your smart I dont need to answer so bye.

Why should milk be served to your baby till there 12 months old?

Because the baby is vastly growing in these 12 months, it needs to have as much nutrients as possible. Letting them have milk for a year gives their brains the proper nutrients for development.

What foods can give for 8 months baby?

If the baby has started teething, then some solid foods like soft bread without crusts, congee, watery wheat or soup will also be quite nutritiouos for the baby's development. Keep in mind that mil... Read More »

Can you give baby aspirin to babies at 9 months of age?

No. Aspirin is not recommended for infants or toddlers due to the risk of developing Reye's Syndrome.