Can you give a 10 example of food web?

Answer The Sunlight Feeds and averagely abundant species of plant that is fed on by insects, that are fed on by amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammels (like you and me). Dead material is decompos... Read More »

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Can you give a dog baby food?

Yes and no. Although dogs can eat many of the same foods that humans can, there are some that are poisonous to them. While baby foods that are plain vegetables, such as green beans, carrots or peas... Read More »

How much food do i give per pound for my dog?

On One Hand: Use Standard Ratios as a GuideDifferent dog food manufacturers have varying recommendations for food amounts. Many dog foods recommend feeding 3/4 cup of dry dog food for every 5 pound... Read More »

What can give you food poisoning?

Can I give my goat dry dog food?

On One Hand: Goats Are HerbivoresYou should not feed your goat dog food. Commercial dog food contains meat products, byproducts or meal. Goats are herbivores, and cannot digest meat products proper... Read More »