Can you give JUST ONE example of Wikipedia getting a fact wrong?

Answer It said that Michael Jackson got a degree at Bringum Young University for over 9 months.There is also this:Rush Limbaugh who 'hates' wikipedia was FOOLED BY IT!

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Hi, i just wondering what is the example of collaborative wisdom beside linux and wikipedia. ?

Pretty much anything labelled as "Open Source" is open for collaboration. From another perspective, the X-prize is designed to get collaboration into solving real-world problems.

Can a restaurant give discounts to just one race Example, 10% off to all Thai people.?

You will be sued and put out of business in your first week if you try that. You can give something like a free desert with dinner purchase to all people named (insert your favorite Thai name here... Read More »

How do you get to choose your own video thumbnail(example inside) & not just the 3 that they give you?

You need to be a YouTube Partner.To be a YouTube Partner you need: A lot of subscribers, lots of video views, lots of everything. Then you go to and apply.http://www.youtub... Read More »

Why do professors always give a corny smile when telling us not to "just check it out on wikipedia"?

It's not the bad rep why they smile. they know too many do that and they want you to really do some research :) lazy way of searching is why LOL