Can you give JUST ONE example of Wikipedia getting a fact wrong?

Answer It said that Michael Jackson got a degree at Bringum Young University for over 9 months.There is also this:Rush Limbaugh who 'hates' wikipedia was FOOLED BY IT!

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What percentage of Wikipedia's budget goes towards fact-checking?

Not a cent is spent by the Wikimedia Foundation on fact-checking within Wikipedia. However, every year, many thousands of dollars are spent by corporations, individuals, and PR firms in support of... Read More »

Is Wikipedia ever wrong (and so Matt is probably wrong)?

It's wrong all the time, and not always because of a lag in updating information. The Republican-appointed ambassador to Slovenia was listed as still an ambassador for months after Obama asked all ... Read More »

Nick Drake on Wikipedia... How can I add a fact without nerd police interfering?

Your problem here is not that you're "rubbish with computery things", but rather that you do not understand the sociopathic society that dominates Wikipedia. Wikipedia's "community" pretends to be... Read More »

What is the bigger priority on Wikipedia: article fact-checking, or sockpuppet investigations?

Since article fact-checking isn't a priority at all, at least for the site in general, I'd have to say "sockpuppet investigations." Deletion discussions are often contentious, but not all that sign... Read More »