Can you get your tubes untied?

Answer Women who have undergone tubal ligation, more commonly known as having their "tubes tied," have the option of reversing the procedure and conceiving a child. The procedure can be performed under ge... Read More »

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Can your tubes become untied?

== Can tubes come untied ==Yes they can.I have a friend who had her tubes tied right after having her son.She got pregnant again 4 months later.The Dr. said her tubes looked normal like they were n... Read More »

Will Medicaid help get your tubes untied?

AnswerProbably not. Insurance companies like sterile people, because it means less children for them to support.-DJ Craig

What are the symptoms of your tubes becoming untied?

For 2 months I've been seeing my period 2 maybe 3 days its real dark then comes out light I feel movement and my bally is getting big I had my tubes tied in 2006 after my twins could I be having a ... Read More »

Can you have a successful pregnancy if your tubes come untied?