Can you get your parental rights back after you gave them away?

Answer My name is Lisa Marie Marien- Bright I am 26 year"S old I live in Duluth Minnesota. I was recently going to court fighting for my kid"S that are now gone and I want them back more then anything in ... Read More »

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Can you get visitation rights back after signing over parental rights?

That depends on why you singed them away and what the judge thinks about it. To get visitation you have to get your parental rights back.

You cosigned on a Rainbow vacuum for your mom and she gave the vacuum away as a gift and now she has past away can you go after the person she gave the vacuum to?

I'm 16 and I want to live with my mother after she gave up her parental rights to her mother is it possible?

Answer Well certainly. Your mother would have to file for her right as you guardian back. There would be a few tests. Some paperwork. Then a trial period, where in you are both on probation. If eit... Read More »

What rights do surrogates have to the child that they gave birth to and gave away?

Once biological parental rights are terminated (TPR) and legal adoption of the child is complete, the adoptive family gains and maintains all rights to and responsibility for the child.