Can you get your baby back after you put it up for adoption?

Answer no because now your baby is someones elses!

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If you give up your baby for open adoption can you change your mind and get your baby back?

No, with adoptions you have no right to get the baby back. An open adoption means you will see the child and get pics and updates. Also open adoptions are not legally enforceable. Once the papers a... Read More »

Can you adopt your child back after you gave her up for adoption?

You can only apply for that if they give up their parental rights and she is up for adoption.

Why does your back constanly hurt after the birth of your baby?

probably because you are used to the weight of the baby on the front of you and then is all gone at one time when the baby is birthed

If you are currently working with an adoption agency but have signed no papers concerning placing your baby up for adoption can you change your mind at time of birth?

YES! Sign NOTHING. Keep your baby! They cannot take your child until you sign. DON'T SIGN. And while you're at it, don't let them IN the hospital, keep them out, try parenting and don't let anyone ... Read More »