Can you get wireless earphones from target?

Answer Yes. These are available online at the Target online site under the category 'Electronics', alternatively you will be able to buy some at your local target store.

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The Best Wireless TV Earphones?

Watching television in the middle of the night is disruptive to others and difficult to do if you are concerned about waking someone near you. Wireless TV earphones offer the quiet option for watch... Read More »

Where can one buy wireless earphones or headphones?

u can buy them over seas or on eBay but check it first

What are the best wireless earphones for TV'S?

It really depends on the value of the headphones. If they're the mini type or earbud type, even though they're most likely repairable, unless they're worth more than a technician's wages for resol... Read More »

What brand of wireless earphones do you recommend?

There are lots of great brands for wireless headphones. How about you check out some of the offerings from Logitech, Sony, Bose, Sentry, or Sennheiser.