Can you get wet while your pregnant for no reason?

Answer Yes. This is a very common occurance in pregnant women.If it's annoying try using a panty liner just remember to change it offten. If you feel it's an overly excessive amount ask your OBGYN about it.

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What is the most common reason for a teen to get pregnant?

IGNORANCE!!Unprotected sex. As the first person answered, ignorance is a factor which is caused by lack of sex education by the parents and understanding that you are supposed to wait until marriage.

Is getting mad and yelling at people for no reason a sign of being pregnant and if so how soon can you get it?

AnswerWhile some pregnant women do get mood swings, it is not always a sign of pregnancy. Just to be sure though, you should take a pregnancy test.

Had sex on the first day first hour and mensus stopped - what could be the reason you are pregnant?

Answer If you have confirmed pregnancy, it probably did NOT happen right after your period ended. You probably had it that mont before about 12 - 16 days AFTER that period.

Is there any reason after one healthy pregnancy we wouldn't be able to get pregnant again?

Unfortunately secondary infertility is more common than many people think. One good thing for you is that trying for 6-7 months does not indicate a problem. I'm sure you've read it here and heard... Read More »