Can you get warts on your tongue by licking frogs?

Answer Rubbing a frog on your genitals? I think it's safe to say that this is NOT the way to find your handsome prince.

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Which Have Warts: Frogs or Toads?

Both frogs and toads have had to deal with the reputations of being wart carriers. The distinction is simple: frogs have smooth skin while toads have wart-like structures on their backs. These two ... Read More »

My boyfriend has warts on his elbow. Am I at risk of getting HPV because he has skin warts?

no! dont worry! :)HPV virus has more than 130 strains and if your boyfriend has wart on his elbow then that means that he has HPV virus starin N# 2! and this strain is not STD! so relax !:)anyway y... Read More »

Hair Growth From Warts?

Warts can be an unsightly problem, and even worse if the wart is accompanied by hair growth. But a hairy wart is relatively common and little cause for concern. Warts are usually easily treatable t... Read More »

Can a woman get vaginal warts from toilets?

Vaginal or genital warts, most commonly caused by a Human Papilloloma Virus (HPV) strain, cannot be transmitted by sitting on a toilet seat or in any other public place (swimming pool, hot tub, etc... Read More »