Can you get viruses from watching videos on YouTube?

Answer no

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Can you get a virus from watching youtube videos?

It's possible, but very unlikely.. If you recently got a virus and you think you got it while on youtube, maybe you clicked an add link to a site that wasn't safe..But the info on youtube viruses/h... Read More »

Can you get viruses from downloading videos from youtube?

Yes and no.If the site is running third party code then it's always possible it will get exploited. As for the video's, some require the use of codecs and these are a malware haven. If your running... Read More »

Can I make money by watching youtube videos?

i think all of them are just fake websites. they wont give you money, when you hit the target point. I donno about the youtube stuff, but all the other online works are like that

What top 5 Youtube videos are worth watching?

Lion and man reunited.…It will make you cry , but its so amazing!