Can you get unempolyment when you take leave for having a baby?

Answer No, you must be available and able to work to collect it.

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Is it ever ok to leave your baby in the car?

Personally, I have. And before I get my cyber butt kicked, I'll say that the car was always in direct view, and it was literally only a minute. I have never left the car running though, that would ... Read More »

At what age do baby birds leave the nest?

Nesting and fledging times for baby birds vary depending on the species. For example, northern cardinal babies stay in the nest for 7 to 13 days, while red-tailed hawk young are nestlings for 42 to... Read More »

What information do i need to leave for my baby sitter?

When leaving your child, provide the sitter with a list of emergency and non-emergency contact numbers, information about your child including birthdate, insurance number and pertinent medical info... Read More »

Is it ok to leave the windows open with a baby in the house?

I can't believe some of the answers here. The baby is TWO MONTHS OLD.The only things that you have to worry about are insect bites and kidnappers.The first one is easy,get a screen.The second,get a... Read More »