Can you get unemployment if you are not able to work?

Answer In the state of TN, NO. I was fired from a job related accident, I came back to work with restrictions and was fired because they could not meet my restrictions, Then I was told I could not collect... Read More »

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If you are released to return to work after being on short term disability and no work is available can you apply for unemployment insurance in Illinois?

Because the disability and lack of available work were no fault of your own should be no reason you would not be eligible for unemployment, on those issues.

If you become disabled due to pregnancy and are currently unemployed and collecting unemployment insurance are you able to collect disability insurance instead?

Check your policy language for details. Some insurers will pay benefits based upon your inability to perform certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL): eating, bathing, transferring, etc. Others wi... Read More »

How long do you have to work at a job to get unemployment?

You need to have worked 680 hours at a job before being terminated to qualify for unemployment compensation. This means that a person working 40 hours per week will have to work four months and one... Read More »

How does unemployment insurance work?

Yes your Employer pays your unemployment insurance