Can you get to every Wikipedia article by just clicking on the blue links?

Answer No, not unless you count the "Random article" link in the sidebar.Many pages with few or no links from other pages have the "Orphan" template applied to them, and you can see those pages (the ones ... Read More »

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How do you find if there are links to an article you just created?

If you mean links from within Wikipedia, you're right, there was a link for it, called "What links here."Actually, that link is still there, it's just that in the new Vector skin, it's been hidden ... Read More »

Wikipedia: ever noticed that nearly every article uses the word Portmanteau?

No, but a friend of mine pointed it out to me. Can't remember why he was looking up bromances, camcorders, gaydars, mockumentaries, motels, sexperts, Spanglish, skyjackings, and a combination of "w... Read More »

My Wikipedia article has not deleted past 7 days, wikipedia will delete my article?

'Some warning message' is pretty vague. Follow the instructions on the warning template to find out what to do. If it is a deletion template, it could be any of four different types:* PROD (propose... Read More »

Suggestion: Every article for a video game on Wikipedia should have at least one screenshot. Opinion?

It is a general Wikipedia policy that no article is complete without an image. There is a group on Wikipedia that works on video game articles and the adding of images to them.