Can you get the same stomach virus twice?

Answer No. After the body successfully fights a viral infection, the bloodstream permanently retains the antibodies that destroyed it. If a stomach flu returns within days, you never beat it the first tim... Read More »

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Do I have a stomach virus?

Kayla it's hard to say stomach virus because no one is sure you can't be pregnant?symptoms sound also like. pregnancy. diarrhea and constipation really dont makie sence either. It is usually one... Read More »

How to Eat With a Stomach Virus?

You know you're supposed to eat, but you came down with a stomach virus (gastroenteritis). What are you supposed to eat? Read this article to find out!

Is the stomach virus going around contagious?

Yes it can be very contagious, be careful

Should i go to school with the stomach virus?

You could have had food poisoning and that's not contagious. Why don't you see how you feel in the morning and make the decision then.