Can you get teletext on new digital or HD Flatscreen tv's?

Answer In the US it's called captioning and it is required that all sets with screens over a certain size have this feature built in. Go into your VIDEO MENU and look for CLOSED CAPTION or just CC. You ha... Read More »

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Can you get teletext on new digital tv's?

Yes, the control of this is found in video or tuning MENU, but the program has to have been made with this information embedded, all are not.

What is the name of the BBC Teletext system?

It's one of most subversive elements in UK society. I left the UK two years ago, and the BBC was one of the reasons I left. Biased, lying, ultra-left wing. A cancer. Orwellian. I'd simply had enough.

CRT vs. Flatscreen?

There are flatscreen CRTs. 'Flatscreen' is a physical aspect not necessarily a type of monitor.TFT/LCD are the 'flastscreens' you are referring to. The big bulky monitors are CRT.Now, it all depend... Read More »

How can I fix my flatscreen RCA TV?

Find your owner's manual and look for the procedure to restore the TV to its factory default settings, then do it. If the red distortion is still there and further adjustment of the color controls... Read More »