Can you get tapeworm from eating sushi?

Answer On One Hand: Tapeworm Is Found in Raw SalmonA word of caution for consumers of sushi: tapeworm can live in raw salmon. According to a recent study published in "Emerging Infectious Diseases," there... Read More »

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How to Enjoy Eating Your First Sushi?

You might have seen sushi, tried it, and not have been able to enjoy it. Often that comes with the way it is made. Try these steps to enjoy eating this rather strange food.

Can my children get a tapeworm from my puppy?

On One Hand: Puppies Can Infect ChildrenChildren can become infected with tapeworms from puppies. There are many varieties of the tapeworm. The one that is transmitted from puppies to people is cal... Read More »

Can you get tapeworm from kissing or having sex with a person who has it?

This is technically possible (if the person has a tapeworm in the mouth at the time of kissing), but highly unlikely.

Besides eating at home which from the following list do you like eating at?

This is kinda tricky!Sometimes I really want a Mc Donald's, btu I only tend to go once every 2 months or so with my friends.My fave restaurant has to be the Turkish restaurant in my town, we hardly... Read More »