How to Get Really Tanned and Stay Tanned?

Answer A great tan makes you look healthy and active, but it can be a lot of work to get tan and stay tanned. Before, all you could do was nix the sunscreen and lay out in the sun all day. However, these ... Read More »

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Can I Get a Tan Through a Window?

It may be tempting to think you are safe from the harmful cancer-causing rays of the sun while sitting in your conservatory, or by a window, but it isn't so straightforward. A window does not offer... Read More »

Can you get a sunburn through a car window?

It is very unlikely that you would get a sunburn through a car window as the glass is meant to block harmful UVB rays. UVA rays can get through the glass, but it would take a long time to cause any... Read More »

How to Take Pictures Through a Window?

Here's how to take pictures through windows, aquarium walls, and similar clear surfaces. (If you want to take a picture OF glass, such as a wine glass, you generally want something interesting incl... Read More »

How to Fix Water Leaking Through a Window Well?

Most homes develop leaking basements within 10 to 15 years after being built. Unfortunately, there is no single cure to fix all of the areas that could leak in your basement. You must identify and ... Read More »