Can you get sued for uploading someone else's image on wikipedia?

Answer Yes. If they sue, and get court orders then WMF will give them CheckUser data containing your IP address and useragent string - it may be used to identify you in real life.

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Should wikipedia be sued?

Wikipedia does not take or present a position of its own regarding the IQ of African people. In fact, Wikipedia, as an organization, does not edit pages. All pages are edited by volunteer editors. ... Read More »

Do I get paid for uploading information in wikipedia?

No, you don't get paid anything. You don't get money, you don't even get a byline. And sometimes, your stuff will get deleted for no good reason at all.

Can you get sued for writing wrong information on wikipedia?

In theory, yes. When you save an edit on Wikipedia, from a legal point of view you are publishing a document. If you could be prosecuted for publishing such a document, you could be prosecuted for ... Read More »

How to add a picture to a wikipedia Infobox through a link to an external website (without uploading)?

No, you have to upload it to either Wikipedia or Wikimedia commons. Image work is often hairy, with lots of copyright issues. For a how-to see for non-autoconfirmed users see https://en.wikipedia.o... Read More »