Can you get stoned by kissing someone that has been smoking dope?

Answer LOL you wish ... of course not

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House sharer keeps smoking dope and I am sure I get stoned?

You probably can't. Threaten him with the police.. or just call them.

Do you know that there has never been one recorded proven case of someone dying of cancer caused by smoking?

Well 'proof' is quite difficult to come by. How would you prove that one single factor in on person's lifestyle was the difinitive cause of anything? There are usually many factors, and smoking may... Read More »

How to Hide That You've Been Kissing from Your Parents?

A secret kiss snatched in the shadowsSome of us don't have the luxury of our parents agreeing with us on our relationship status with a certain guy. If you are one of those unlucky ones, read on!

Is it possible to tell how much someone has been smoking?

On One Hand: Physical Indications can be EvidentLike many addicts, those who are nicotine dependent may minimize the extent of their cigarette addiction. Apart from asking an individual, there are ... Read More »