Can you get stoned by kissing someone that has been smoking dope?

Answer LOL you wish ... of course not

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House sharer keeps smoking dope and I am sure I get stoned?

You probably can't. Threaten him with the police.. or just call them.

Smoking is to be banned, Should Kissing be Banned?

Personally i am glad smoking is being banned in public, but i feel for the smokers due to they have rights too. There is a very fine line for this subject and as you say it is political correctness... Read More »

Im really stoned.... help im 17?

You're only 17! Hun, you need to lay off the drugs.. i know everyone that does it seems okay now.. but you'll end up with serious problems! It's really not a good thing to do to your brain.On a sid... Read More »

What are the best munchies, when you're stoned?

Bugles. You can put one on every finger. It's very entertaining.