Can you get sleep insomnia from high amounts of pain ?

Answer Cronic pain...yees.....but not for at least a month.Take a hot bath with epsom salts or a lavender smelling bath salt. If your shower has a pulsating head... use that too.A self-massage on the sore... Read More »

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Have not been able to sleep good for 1 month (insomnia)?

If your normal sleep is restored, you shall regain your good health. Details follow----------------Insomnia*/Sleeplessness-Permanent cure: No Medication required.• Sleep is the gift of the God gi... Read More »

What's the difference between sleep depravation and insomnia?

Insomnia is a genetic mental condition where the body produces low supplements of melatonin (the chemical in your brain that makes you sleep).Sleep deprivation just means someone has a period of no... Read More »

I'm 13, and I have insomnia. I need tips on how to get to sleep and stay asleep. Help?

Oh my friend I am 16 and I had that problem too I even made a report on it and showed the class how this stupid mental disorder affected my grades significantly. I went from all A's to C's and B's.... Read More »

I have insomnia, what are some helpful natural sleep aids?

here are some tips that should be useful:-do not eat 2-3h before bed-drink a chammomile tea before bed-do anything that relaxez you before sleeping (ex. bubble bath, reading a book, listening to mu... Read More »