Can you get sleep insomnia from high amounts of pain ?

Answer Cronic pain...yees.....but not for at least a month.Take a hot bath with epsom salts or a lavender smelling bath salt. If your shower has a pulsating head... use that too.A self-massage on the sore... Read More »

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What's the best cure for insomnia, except from prescribed drugs Seriously need some sleep!?

getting enough physical activity during the day. walking and other exercise can really help. Riding my bike helped me out a lot. read befor bed time too.

What causes insomnia Is there a cure Also, anything I can do to help myself, aside from taking sleep aides?

So beer is out then. Well I am out of ideas then.

What's the difference between sleep depravation and insomnia?

Insomnia is a genetic mental condition where the body produces low supplements of melatonin (the chemical in your brain that makes you sleep).Sleep deprivation just means someone has a period of no... Read More »

Have not been able to sleep good for 1 month (insomnia)?

If your normal sleep is restored, you shall regain your good health. Details follow----------------Insomnia*/Sleeplessness-Permanent cure: No Medication required.• Sleep is the gift of the God gi... Read More »