Can you get skin damage or skin cancer from radiation of the vacuum cleaner?

Answer Betty Friedman

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If I use my laptop while it's on my lap, will it give me radiation or skin cancer?

I don't know about the skin cancer thing.. but leaving the laptop on the bed can ruin the laptop. I think it's because of the excess of heat on the part below. That's what happened to mine once..Ed... Read More »

Should we have a pale skin is beautiful campaign to tackle skin cancer?

That's a fantastic idea. Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway would be great spokespersons for staying out of the sun. When they do interviews in magazines, both of them emphasize the importance of sun ... Read More »

Can skin cancer be caused my writing on your skin with marker?

Yes its true you are damaging your skin with the chemicals in the ink and putting them into your skin please stop otherwise you might get skin cancer

How to Protect Skin From Sun Damage?

Here are some simple steps to help you protect your skin from sun damage and regularly repair the inevitable sun damage that does occur before it starts to show up as visible signs of aging. Some o... Read More »