Can you get sick from taking the flu shot?

Answer On One Hand: What the Flu Vaccine IsThe seasonal flu vaccine shot is an inactivated strain that contains killed virus. The nasal-spray vaccine contains only a weak form of the live virus. Neither t... Read More »

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Can you get the flu from someone who just got a flu shot and got sick from it?

It isn't possible for a flu shot to give someone the flu. The shot is made from inactive ("dead") virus particles that can not cause infection. They just provide the "pattern" of that particular vi... Read More »

My daughter keeps being sick..i am thinking that she has got food poisening..apart from taking her to hospice?

sounds like a tummy bug to me..she must have fluids otherwise she will dehydrate. go to chemist & get some flavoured sachets of dyoralite, she should be able to keep this down and its specially de... Read More »

Can you get a flu shot if you are feeling sick?

Yes, if you have mild symptoms like the sniffles it is okay to get the vaccine, however, if you have a high fever, you should wait until that is over. If you are under a doctor's care, then ask the... Read More »

Will the flu shot make me sick?

On One Hand: There Are Flu Shot Side EffectsThere are certain flu vaccination side effects that can occur. Some people develop a low grade fever, aches, and /or redness, soreness and swelling at th... Read More »