Can you get served alcohol with a fake ID when you are a new born baby?

Answer Not very often

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If a minor was served alcohol with a fake I.D. would the establishment be fined also?

If you could prove it yeah... but to be honest unless you are at the place severing you drinks it is rather hard to prove, at least id say more than 3 days have passed. If they have cameras and it ... Read More »

How can smoking and drinking alcohol damage a new born baby?

i dont think it can thb. i no lots of ppl who smoke and drink whilst pregnant and the baby comes out perfectly fine. i think its a load of rubbish.

Could you have served in the Vietnam war if you were born Aug 1955?

Yes, but the primary services involved in that time frame would be USMC, USN, or USAF. They were the ones still doing various operations, etc. The main line forces (conventional forces) US Army had... Read More »

How to Keep Teens from Drinking at an Party Where Alcohol Is Served?

Are you hosting a mixed age gather and want to serve alcohol? Here is a guide to ensure that younger guests, especially teens do not have access to alcoholic beverages.