Can you get seeds from green tomato fruit?

Answer Green tomatoes are a source of viable tomato seeds. They are not unripe red tomatoes but are special varieties of tomatoes that have green skin and flesh even when they are ripe.Source:Tomato Seeds... Read More »

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Why is a tomato classed as a fruit if its because the seeds are on the inside what about a cucumber?

botanically, fruits are the ovary of a plant containg seeds, cucumber seeds do not often develop properly but the cucumber is still a fruitas for the strawberry, the 'seeds' are actually the fruits... Read More »

If you plant the seeds from inside a tomato you buy from the supermarket, will it grow and bear fruit?

They should grow, however they may not produce a tomato that looks like the one you bought. If the tomato you bought is a hybrid or genetically manipulated the plant resulting from the seed plante... Read More »

Babbu kosa is a fruit having green colour on its outer part. What do we say this fruit in english?

depends what language you are trying to translate from....?

How many seeds are in a tomato?

The average number of seeds in a tomato fruit ranges from 73 to 346, depending on the variety, states Tomato seeds yield 24 percent oil, which is often used in salad dressing and ma... Read More »