Should you use a second hand high chair?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer I'm not familiar with the kind of high chair you've described, so I would have to tell you just to use some common sense. I don't like the idea of strings or ropes or what-have-you... Read More »

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Can you get high from second hand weed smoking?

Some people in groups which smoke weed do a hot box - meaning smoke it in the car with the windows up, area with low air flow, or in a small room with the doors and windows closed, etc. The purpose... Read More »

If you had only one hand, would second hand smoke effect you?

If I were you, I would cut off my other hand to prevent lung cancer.

Second Hand ?

No my boys had new clothes when needed - mind you I had four of them so they were all passed down and well worn by the time that they'd finished with them! I do agree that it is silly to buy expens... Read More »

Mileage on a second hand car?

When you're down at that price bracket, ignore the miles. What you're looking for is a car that's been well cared for, doesn't matter if it's done 50k or 250k miles, if it looks OK, drives OK and h... Read More »