Can you get rid of a baby after 12 weeks?

Answer You can always put it up 4 adoption! Depending on who that dad is just keep it! can't do much harm then screw up your sleep!

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Can a baby survive after 12 weeks?

ofcourse not...definitely not!!! it can survive at 6 months possibly just about but 7 months it should be okay..

Could you be pregnant after having sex 5 weeks after having a baby but 2 days before period?

Yes you can. My husband and his brother are 11 months apart. I am not really sure what you mean by 2 days before your period but if you started bleeding 2 days after having sex it may not be a peri... Read More »

What is a baby referred to after 8 weeks?

Can you get rid of a baby after 5 weeks with a pill?

FACTS about RU486:It can be used up to the 9th week. It should be used under a physician's supervision ONLY. If you are uncertain of the dates, you need to see a physician; this is your health and ... Read More »