Can you get prego 3 weeks after child birth?

Answer Yes. You are very fertile for about 6 months after pregnancy so if you are not trying to get pregnant again it is very important to use protection when having sex

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What if you had sex 3 weeks after giving birth?

you are most fertile right after having a baby . you can get pregant so use protection ...

Is it normal to bleed 8 weeks after birth?

It depends. If you have stopped bleeding for about two weeks and started again that is probably your first post pregnancy period. Some woman bleed longer than 6 weeks some shorter. If you are truly... Read More »

Is it OK to bathe in a tub 2 weeks after giving birth?

Still bleeding 5 weeks after giving birth?

All women will experience a discharge medically termed lochia. It is first mixed with blood, much like a period, that begins as a heavy flow and becomes lighter and brownish over time, ending as a ... Read More »