Can you get pregnant with only one nut?

Answer If hes one testicle he can still get you pregnant. There's sperm in that one too.

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Sex simulation with your boyfriend will you pregnant with a clothing only underwear?

no chance of pregnancy wid underwearpreganancy is when his sperm enters ur egg that's not done due to undewear

Is it possible to get pregnant if you only have sex for 30 seconds with protection?

Answer Mostlikely Not Answer Most condom's carry a 98% pregnancy prevention. As long the condom was not old, or didn't break, you should be safe. Answer I'd love to tell you no, but the answer ... Read More »

If you only had your period for one day and it was very light and the next day you were spotting but it was a brown color and the only symptom that you have is headaches is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer I had the similar symptoms in the beginning. I have gone through 3 yrs of fighting with doctors and I have come to self diagnose myself with endrometreous. Not saying that is what you have... Read More »

What do you do if your pregnant with twins and your only 11?

The same as any minor do. Discuss it with your parents and doctor. At 11 it might not be your decision to make even though the decision is always the woman's. There's keeping them, adoption or abor... Read More »