Can you get pregnant while taking prenatal vitamins?

Answer Im not sure if you are asking if they will increase your fertility or whether they will prohibit conception. The answers are they may increase chances of fertility in the fact that they will make y... Read More »

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Do you bleed while taking prenatal vitamins?

Omg yes ! I told my obgyn that when I'm on prenatal I bleed during/after intercourse. He told me that was not the problem. I said well this never happened before I took the vitamins, and I stopped ... Read More »

Why are my nails and hair brittle if i am taking prenatal vitamins?

That's the hormones, happens to all pregnant women. The hair changes which is one reason you shouldn't color your hair as pregnant because it might turn different then usual. It goes back to normal... Read More »

I just started taking prenatal vitamins and I didn't ovulate is this normal?

Answer You might be pregnant...Prenatal vitamins do not affect ovulation.

Will it harm baby if you stopped taking prenatal vitamins at 5 months because it makes you sick?

not taking prenatal vitamins I have 4 kids I could not take the prenatals because they also made me sick I had 4 healthy babies none under 7lbs. If you are worried try taking just an over the count... Read More »