Can you get pregnant while on the shot my boyfriend let loose in me 3 times?

Answer Yes You can theres always that 0.01%...

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If you are 16 and your boyfriend is 18 how many times will it take to get pregnant?

it doesn't matter the age its just if it happens......p.s. if you are 16, you don't need to be having sex

If you are 14 and your boyfriend is 19 and you used a condom all of the times that you had sex but you still got pregnant how should you tell him?

Answer You should just tell him, after all you weren't the only person involved, but if you are scared and you have some type of relationship with your mom you should tell her, she will probably kn... Read More »

We had unprotected sex twice and both times i did not finish inside of her she swallowed it both times. could she be pregnant?

no. you definitely cannot get pregnant that way. the only way you can get pregnant, or get someone pregnant is by "finishing inside of her" as you put it.

If you're 16 pregnant your 19yo boyfriend and parents support you but you're from a close family and your sister does nothing but insult and attack your boyfriend how do you get the two to get along?

AnswerSee if you can get the two of them to sit down with you and you all talk it out. Good luck and God Bless:)