Do bed bugs bite through clothing?

Answer Bedbugs are small parasites that leave small, itchy bites on their victims. They do not tend to bite or burrow through clothing, so covering your body with clothes or pajamas can be a preventative ... Read More »

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What is the funniest item of clothing you wore whilst pregnant?

An adult sized babygro... hehe. The irony!

Can a teen get pregnant through one sex?

I really don't understand you question, but you can get pregnant on your first try. It only takes one time. The best thing to do is not have sex if you are a teen. If you do please use a condom. It... Read More »

Can you get pregnant through cyber sex?

OMG I sure hope not.. I mean.. I'm not doing anything...STOP LOOKING AT ME ACCUSINGLY!!

Can a woman get pregnant through pants?

Pregnancy occurs when a woman's egg is released into the fallopian tubes and fertilized by a man's sperm. Pants and other clothing act as a barrier to sperm penetration, making it not possible for ... Read More »