Can you get pregnant like this?

Answer No, it's impossible.Don't worry, I used to think that too. Hell, if that was true I've have like 10+ kids by now.

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Is this what you become like if you are pregnant?

no. I think the video is mislabeled. That cat appears to be on her period rather than pregnant. If she was pregnant, she'd have the dog running out late at night in the rain to get chinese food wit... Read More »

Ahahhhaha do you like this pregnant women joke?

lol, didn't see that one coming either, good one.

If you are 16 and pregnant how can you get help from the father who is also 16 if you would like to settle this out of court but he is not cooperating?

Answer There is no way to get him to cooperate if he doesn't want to. Also if the father is a minor like you, he doesn't have to pay child support or help you with the baby until he is 18 years ol... Read More »

What if you had protected sex a week or two after her period but this month she missed her period and has some pregnancy like symptoms is she pregnant or is it stress?

Answer I think it's stress. but only if the protecion did not buss. if it did then she could be pregnant. Nothing is a 100%. alway's remember that.