Can you get pregnant if you use soap with sperm on it?

Answer NO.

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Are teenagers sperm less likely to get someone pregnant then adults sperm?

Answer No, its all the same. Sperm is sperm. Answer Not less likley, perhaps a little more likley.

Is it safe to swallow sperm while your pregnant if that sperm is herpes positive?

It's probably not safe to swallow H+ sperm whether you're pregnant or not. I am not a clinical doctor, but this is a question you should ask him or her for a definitive answer to.(And trust me, you... Read More »

If you wipe off your penis with sperm on it with your fingers then your fingers have sperm on them and you wipe it off on your boxers and you rub a girl's vagina can she get pregnant?

Has anyone out there had a partner with a low sperm count and still got pregnant?

we had various tests and it came bk my hubby has a very low count, sorry cant remember the figures BUT we have had 5 beautiful babies since they told us thatso i just wanted to say do not lose hope... Read More »